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Pricing and Upgrades:

Baseline: $4,695TTD | $751USD - Includes Tiara, Arms (pr), Legs (pr) and Body Wear.

Customization Options:

  • Upgrade wire bra $550TTD/$88USD
  • Upgrade feathered head band (small) $250TTD/$40USD
  • Upgrade feathered head band (large) $495TTD/$79USD
  • Add feathered collar (small) $450TTD/$72USD
  • Add feathered collar (large) $1300TTD/$208USD


Midline: $5,200TTD | $832USD - Includes Body Wear, Arms (pr), Legs (pr), Jeweled Cuffs and Feathered h/piece. (feathered collar pictured is additional)

Customization Options:

  • Add medium feathered collar $1300TTD/$208USD


Monokini: $6,595TTD | $1,055USD - Includes Body Wear, Feathered h/piece, Fabric Cape and Jeweled Cuffs.


Hardline+ (Body): $6,500TTD | $1,040USD - Includes Tiara, Body Wear, Legs (pr) and Jeweled Cuffs.


Hardline+: $10,350TTD | $1,656USD - Includes Tiara, Body Wear, Legs (pr), Jeweled Cuffs, Feathered Head Piece and Backpack.


Male: $4,395TTD | $703USD - Includes Pants, Armbands and Head Gear.


Note: ALL extras, upgrades and add-ons require full payment with your deposit upon registration *The financial institutions of Trinidad and Tobago control currency exchange rates. We advise that you request details on all processing fees from your bank before completion of your transaction.

ALL masqueraders are required to provide the following information at registration:


Bra Size: 32A, 34B, etc.
Belt Size: 32", 34", 36" etc.
Waist Size: 25", 32" etc
Underwear Type: Bikini, Thong
Underwear Size: XS, S, M, L etc.


Pants Size:
(28-32), (32-34), (34-36), (36-38), (38-40), (40-44)
S, M, L, XL, 2XL


In-house Registration Downpayment $1,800
In-house Frontline Costume Downpayment $2,500
In-house Extras - 50% Downpayment
Online Registrations Downpayment – 50% of the Total Cost of the costume inclusive of any Extras

To register with the band you can fill out the following information and submit or email it to us.
Mas Camp: 10 O'connor St, Woodbrook.
Contacts: 680-2442
Email: soniamack2014@gmail.com; soniamack1@yahoo.com

Please note there will be no Changing of Sizes


Please note that we cannot be held responsible for a top or bottom or costume which is made to your chosen registered size but does not fit.
No claims or refunds will be allowed on the aforementioned.

Please note all Transactions are Non-Refundable
The information to the left must be completed before registration is confirmed.
Upon acceptance of payment a confirmation email will then be forwarded to you.


  • Our costumes are produced via a US conversion. Please ensure sizing submitted follows a US chart applicable to bras, pants and tank/tee
  • An additional cost of $300TTD ($48USD) applies to masqueraders submitting their own bra to be covered and decorated. Own bras will be accommodated in SELECTED SECTIONS. Please ensure it is clean, plain, smooth, padded and free of lace in the colors of nude, tan or black. Item MUST be submitted by November 15th 2019. Items received after this date will be returned undecorated at distribution
  • We accept CASH or LINX at our mas camp
  • There are various styles available, be certain to register for the costume style you desire (upgrades are subject to availability upon registration)
  • Exchange/transfers/switching of section, style, sizing or measurements WILL NOT be facilitated after registration.
  • Bangles and bracelets pictured with costume is not an accessory of your costume.
  • Sections designed with wire bras are NOT available in sizes larger than 36D.

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